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Long Distance/Audio Vibes

This is my review of the Vibease vibrator! This is an AMAZING Vibrator that you can get an amazing discount (usually 10%, but currently 25% OFF) by clicking here:

Ok, first off, I am a part of the Vibease affiliate program, so I DO benefit if you buy this vibe, but I wouldn't have signed up for this program if I didn't believe in the product.

For all of my product reviews I will be reviewing the following features

1- Design

2-Ease of Use


4-Special Features

1- Design

Here's a pic of this cute little toy:

As you can see from the pic above, the toy is very discreet. It is made from amazingly soft silicone, which allows for a great grip, and you can slide it around easily. What makes this design especially great is the little "nubbin" designed to go on your clit. You can feel the vibrations especially strong there, but also throughout the toy. Its shape also allows for "wearing" the vibrator in your undies for hands free use, at home... or not ;)

Design score: 5/5

2-Ease of use

As you can see from the pic above, the toy is designed for use in your hands or your undies. It functions well for both, BUT, I did find that sometimes when I got really excited by a good video, the little "nubbin" would slip off my clit and sometime delay my orgasm. I like edging though, so this really wasn't too much of a hindrance

Ease of use score: 4.5/5

3- Sensations

The vibe offers a variety of vibrating and control patterns. I LOVE that this vibe isn't "buzzy" at all. the Vibrations are deep, and deeply satisfying.

Sensations score: 5/5

4-Special Features

This is where the Vibease really shines!

- Story mode

What makes Vibease especially exciting for an erotica narrator is that you can set the vibrator to vibrate along with the erotic audio in the Vibease store! (I will be narrating some of these stories soon, and you can be sure I'll let you know when you can listen. This feature is AMAZING! The vibes heat up when the story does, and it almost feels like you are immersed in the story yourself! You can also control the vibrations yourself if you get tired of waiting!

-Long Distance mode

I went on a trip shortly after getting my Vibease, and I had my boyfriend log into the app and control the vibrations. We are in to BDSM, and this was amazing as he could tease me just the way I like. There's even built in video chat, though I wasn't able to use this as the hotel wifi wasn't strong enough!

Special Features score: 5/5

Overall score 4.8/5

I am so happy with my Vibease and can't wait to use it again for more audio stories, and my next trip.

Is it bad that I can't wait to use this toy on a book I've narrated? Check back so I can let you know when you can listen to me narrate a story in the Vibease app!

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